The Kamelo Casa Collection was created in 2003 with an aim to challenge the strait-laced, minimalistic, even-tempered, somewhat uncoloured and uniform swing of that time. Simply put, we wanted to add some heat to the Scandinavian cool.
Using wild exotic materials, natural craftsmanship, skilled artisans and superior quality, we aimed to unleash raw beauty, true cosmopolitan dynamics and spark off a touch of southern zest. All the way up to the frozen, functionalistic North.

Bringing a new level of personality and passion to the everyday life. Rewarding the brave and the glamorous. Today, a decade later, Kamelo has established itself as an extravagant, ardent and very special premium brand in the interior & homeware sector. Based on our native legacy, we have developed a unique style and standing in a world of our own, best described as ”Wild Elegance”.

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